For information on the International Parasitic Plant Society, past and current issues of Haustorium, etc. see: http://www.ppws.vt.edu/IPPS/
For past and current issues of Haustorium see also: http://web.odu.edu/haustorium
For the ODU parasite site see: http://www.odu.edu/webroot/instr/sci/plant.nsf/pages/parasitic_page
For Lytton Mussleman’s Hydnora site see:
For Dan Nickrent’s ‘The Parasitic Plant Connection’ see:
For The Mistletoe Center (including a comprehensive Annotated Bibliography on mistletoes) see: http://www.rmrs.nau.edu/misteltoe/welcome.html
For information on activities and publications of the parasitic weed group at the University of Hohenheim see: http://www.uni-hohenheim.de/~www380/parasite/start.htm
For information on, and to subscribe to PpDigest see:
For information on the EU COST 849 Project and reports of its meetings see:
For information on the EWRS Working Group ‘Parasitic weeds’ see: http://www.ewrs.org/
For the Parasitic Plants Database, including ‘4000 entries giving an exhaustive nomenclatural synopsis of all parasitic plants’ the address is: http://www.omnisterra.com/bot/pp_home.cgi
For a description and other information about the Desmodium technique for Striga suppression, see: http://www.push-pull.net
For information on EC-funded project ‘Improved Striga control in maize and sorghum (ISCIMAS) see: http://www.plant.dlo.nl/projects/Striga/
For the work of Forest Products Commission (FPC) on sandalwood, see: www.fpc.wa.gov.au
For past and future issues of the Sandalwood Research Newsletter, see: www.jcu.edu.au/school/tropbiol/srn/
For information on the meetings in Rehevot, Israel, 15-21 October, 2006 (see above), see: www.agri.huji.ac.il/aridconference
For information on the work of the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) on Striga control in Kenya, see: http://africancrops.net/striga/
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